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Our Story


Once Upon a Time

Josh Willink

Josh grew up in West Michigan. His interest in photography started at a young age when he started taking pictures on a cheap digital Kodak back in the day when digital imagery was just getting started. Even though the resolution was dismal, he found great enjoyment with the concept of taking a photo without wasting any film, and immediately seeing it! He and his bro started experimenting with taking all sorts of photos.

Carrie Willink

Carrie’s story begins in the Quad Cities in Illinois. She grew up with 2 older brothers who didn’t allow her to cause any girl drama. Her love for photography began around the same time as her love for travel developed about 10 years ago. She realized she needed a way to journal her adventures, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, well, photography just made sense!


Love Story Timeline

First Date

She had to ``run some errands``. No really, she did. We grabbed some groceries then Josh treated Carrie to a gourmet meal. We had Wendy's. She had to get home.

We Get Hitched

On a beautiful warm sunny day in which the forecast had called for rain, we tied the knot in Holland, MI. We had smoothies catered in for a Hawaiian themed reception!

We Have A Baby

Remy Danae, our baby girl enters this world and changes our lives forever. She lights up our world.

Our Second Is Born

And then there were two. Jade Iverly makes her entry in 2017 and completes our family of four. She is a bundle of energy and joy.