About Us

Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Josh and Carrie Willink

Hi! We are Josh and Carrie, best friends and business partners, who also happen to be married with 2 little girls, Remy and Jade.

We are based out of Holland, MI which is a beautiful old dutch town in West Michigan known for its sandy beaches in the summer, colorful crisp falls, blistery winters, and blooming tulips in the spring.

We are a family who are lovers of adventure. Hiking, traveling, exploring, experiencing, documenting — these are some of our favorite verbs. We relocated to West MI in the summer of 2017 to be closer to family, after spending 5 years living out west in Phoenix, Arizona. We have also lived in Orlando, Florida, full-timed in an RV, road-tripped route 66, traveled the PCH, visited most of the lower 48, backpacked through 10 countries in Western Europe, hiked the Grand Canyon, Zion and many other national parks all in an effort to satisfy our never-ending wanderlust!

We’ve been in professional photography as a hobby turned business since 2010 and specialize in both local and destination weddings. While weddings are our niche, we also shoot families, couples, engagements and seniors. We have an in-home studio set up in Holland, MI for studio headshots. We do video work as well!

We came up with the name “Expression” Studios because it speaks to our style of photography. A wise saying we once found on a fortune cookie said “of all the things you wear, expression is the most noticeable.” Expressions are the reflection of the heart, and this is why we enjoy this style of photography, capturing your truest you in the most creative and beautiful way.

While we do take the posed, look-here-and-smile photos, our favorite photos are the candid ones. The photos where, years later, you can look back and remember the exact feelings you felt when the photo was snapped. A good photographer / videographer can do that for you, and that is our goal!

Thanks for getting to know us, we’d love to learn more about you!